Addons – Follow Up Emails

Four Emails in a Month

Follow up add on after 1-hour chat only

$20 for one month

  • Email one-on-one with Allyson or Janeal, whoever mentored you
  • Discuss any further questions
  • Personalized Help
  • Up to four emails a month to help keep you on track
  • Personalized  for your needs

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Allyson Lindt

USA Today Bestselling Author Allyson Lindt is a full-time geek and a fuller-time author. She’s been writing for as long as she can remember, and loves helping others discover and explore their own writing paths. With more than fifty published books, both indie and traditional, across multiple genres, she’s discovered the inner workings of the publishing industry. She believes anyone who has a story to tell should have access to the tools they need, and feels one can never have enough knowledge.


Janeal Falor

With over twenty books experience in the indie world, Janeal Falor has found joy in helping other authors find their path through the writing and publishing world. With writing YA, Adult, and Fantasy, all with romance, she’s experienced different aspects of categories.  As the result of both her mistakes and things she’s done right, she’s gained experience valuable in helping others. Seeing other authors succeed in with their own path brings her great joy.