Dealing with Self Doubt


Dealing with Self Doubt




1. Acceptance

Doubts will come. No matter who you are 99% of us have doubts when it comes to writing. Part of dealing with our doubt is to know that they will come and accept that. Despite how icky it can feel, it is okay to not be certain about your writing. Yes, I know it’s much harder than it sounds, but do your best to accept the fact that doubts will come.

2. Famous/Popular Authors Doubt

Even those authors who you would think believe the world of themselves based on their fans can have doubts. Writers doubt. It’s what we do. You’re not alone.

3. Compliments on Your Writing

Keep a list of compliments on your writing you can review. Whether it is a note from a beta reader, critique partner, other author, reader, or even your mom, those compliments on your writing can help lift you up when you’re feeling down about the words you’ve got.

4. Work on Your Craft

The great thing about writing is that there is so many ways to learn about it. Working on your craft can help you become better. No, this won’t entirely eliminate the doubts, but it will help you to deal with them when they come. Just remind yourself that you’re doing what you can to improve. That’s what matters.

5. Talk it Through

Talking it through with a TRUSTED friend or writing buddy is a great way to get over some of those doubts. It’s very important to make sure they are trusted though so they don’t bring us down more. Those we do know will listen to our concerns and help us figure them out can be a great way to overcome those doubts and keep moving forward.

Remember: you’ve got this!



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