How to Find a Writer’s Group


How to Find a Writer’s Group




1. Writer Friends

A great place to find a writer’s group is within your own writer friends. You already know you get a long, which is important to creating a helpful group. Just make certain that you are still able to tell each other how it really is. While it’s often easy to say what’s good to our friends, we also need to tell them what they need to work on so they can improve.

2. Social Media

There’s so many different types of social media out there that it’s difficult to list only one. Because of that, it can vary how you find a writer’s group on social media. Sometimes it’s by interacting with other authors or follow a conversation. Hashtag topics can help as can joining specific groups or events dedicated to writing, also look for these in your genre. There are many different options out there.

3. Writer’s Forums

Another idea that can help you find writers that may be a good fit for a writer’s group are forums. There are a great many types of forums out there that can help writer’s connect. Some you interact and then may find you will connect, others have specific places to bring writer’s groups together. Whichever is the case, these can be a great place to find your crew.

4. Writing Conferences

From sitting next to people in classes to going to social hour and sitting by someone at lunch to bumping into someone at the book store interested in the same book as you, conferences are a fantastic way to connect with other writers. You do have to be willing to put yourself out there, which can be difficult to do, but that’s a lot of what we need to do in order to grow as writers. Be willing to talk to others and connect with them. You may just find a new group or writing partner.

5. Word of Mouth

Though similar to all the others, this needs listed out on its own. All of the above take talking and connecting with people, but this one is a little different. By letting other authors know you’re looking for a group, you may find for whatever reason they can’t join in a group with you, but they may know where you can find other writers who already found their crew and need another person to join or are starting a new group. Either way, keep connecting and reaching out. You can find your writer’s group!


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