Ways to Deal with Rejection


Ways to Deal with Rejection




1. Cry

No, seriously, it’s okay to let yourself be sad! You’ve lost something that you hoped for, it’s alright to mourn it. Whether your cry or not is up to you, but you should definitely let yourself feel the sting and use it to help propel you in the next direction you need to take.

2. Talk to a Writer Buddy

Writer buddies get it. We’ve been through it to. Someone you trust with your emotions can help let you get the venting out you need to. Just make sure it’s someone you trust and not the internet at large. You don’t want to end up regretting you said to who, but if it’s someone you trust, you’ll get the understanding you need.

3. Not a Rejection of You!

No matter how it feels, an agent or editor is not rejecting you. They have a job and to them it’s professional. Yes, they may find something they love and get excited about it, but sometimes they don’t. That does NOT mean they are rejecting you. It simply means that for whatever reason, they are not the best person to help with your book. For them it’s a business. It’s difficult to remember when we put heart and soul in our books, but reminding yourself it’s not linked to who you are as a person can help.

4. Brainstorm

Find a new project to get excited about. If you haven’t already, now Is a great time to start a new project. If you can move forward with something that makes you want to write again and share your story with the world, you’ll find the sense of wonder about writing again. Plus, you have a great chance to get a new project up and going so you can try again.

5. Take a Break

It’s fine to take a step back. Sometimes what you need is simply a change of pace, but at times it’s more than that. Being willing to take a step back to get yourself in the right mind frame again can be a boon to your later writing. You don’t want to burn yourself out on rejections. Give yourself the time and space you need to be ready to write again.

6. Literature Tastes Vary

Remember that not everyone likes the same thing. As much as readers have different tastes in what they like to read or not, so do agents and editors. What doesn’t work for one person, may work for another. It’s tough out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can move forward with your head held high and persist. Persisting in a professional way will help you find the right book for the right agent and/or editor at the right time.

7. You Got This

Despite the fact that it doesn’t feel good to get a rejection on a project you love, you can still move forward. There are other agents and editors out there. There are more books inside you waiting to be released. Even though it might hurt now, when you’ve had a chance to work through that in the way that best suits you, writing will always be there waiting for you. You can do it.



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