Ways to Stand Out in the Self Publishing Market


Ways to Stand Out in the Self Publishing Market




1. Research

A great way to stand out from all the books being self published is by researching what you need to do. New books are constantly being put out in the world. That by itself can make it hard to stand out when there’s such a multitude of others. By doing research into self publishing, learning all you can about it, you’ll put yourself far above the crowd of those who just throw their book up on the internet hoping for the best. Research is a great way to learn what to best do.

2. Write the Best Book

Writing the best book you can is an important. When you make your story and characters shine, once people find your book, they’ll be more likely to fall in love with it. The more readers love it, the more they’ll tell others about it which means others will be more likely to purchase it. Word of mouth helps you stand out in the market by far.

3. Get Feedback

By getting feedback on your book, description, cover, etc. you are going to know what’s working and not working for people. Knowing when to take other people’s advice can help you make your book even shinier than you can make it on your own. Like we mentioned before, this can help your story stand out in a way it otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

4. Use Editors and Proofreaders

Whenever possible, save up to use at least a professional proofreader, but typically also an editor as well. There are things that we, as authors, can’t see in our own work. By searching for, getting a sample edit, and finding professionals to assists in making your book read neat and clean. When your book is free of errors, it helps the reader stay in the story which will make them be able to enjoy your story more. This leads the way for good reviews and happy readers.

5. Professional Looking Cover that Fits the Genre

Obtaining a profession looking cover that fits the genre will make you stand out from the crowd and have readers want to purchase your book. By having it fit the genre, readers will better know what to expect when they purchase it, making them more likely to be happy with the end result. Though we always hear not to judge a book by its cover, it happens, so get the most fantastic cover you can.

6. Professional Looking Formatting

Though often an after thought, having profession looking formatting will help the reader not feel like something is off about the book and be able to focus on the words. That’s your goal. Get them in your story so they can fall in love with it.

7. Tell People

Though you don’t need to be overbearing, no one likes to be constantly sold to, you should tell people about your book. If you don’t let people know, they’ll be far less likely to know it exists. By creating buzz about your book, you can let people know and be excited about what you’ve published.

8. Put Your Best Book Forward

The biggest key with all of this is putting the best book forward you can. Through all the tips above and what you discover you need from researching, you can take your book from being uploaded and ignored to gaining readers.



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